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Dan Brunn Architecture (DBA)
6363 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 503
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 855-3555
Main Contact: Dan Brunn, AIA
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Highly customized, boundary-breaking modern/minimal architecture, interior and furniture design

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FR Review:
His own home worthy of an exhibition at The Broad, architectural maverick Dan Brunn and his firm DBA are often commissioned by established artists (for both their galleries and homes) to work within the realm of modern and minimal, and then push the envelope. Called “empathetic” and “a good listener,” Brunn’s aim is to mold the home precisely to the client’s needs; he reads into the (often rigid) flow of motion in their former house and the way they hid everyday items when entertaining guests. Stark whites, cement, glass and natural woods are then engineered to both store and connect the parts of the home that make it come to life. Contractors come on site knowing Brunn’s designs are already informed (and approved) by the laws of mechanics, a language this sculptor speaks fluently. What’s left is plenty of room for the unexpected—sometimes Brunn even surprises himself.

DBA’s Bauhaus-esque look comes as no surprise, given that Brunn was born and raised in Tel Aviv where he earned the nickname “The Lego Guru” in response to the toy he never put down—the literal building blocks of his future. When he moved to Beverly Hills as a teen he was mortified by the preponderance of dark, colonial style homes. Motivated to make waves in his community, Brunn enrolled in USC’s undergraduate program to refine his passion. While working alongside his professors as lead project designer of the Los Angeles Design Center, he received a National AIA award—before a diploma. After attending Harvard for his masters, Brunn’s first post-grad commission was Caesarstone’s San Francisco showroom; the project won Interior Design’s 2005 “Best of the Year” Award and DBA was formally established.

The real shocker for both clients and contractors who work with Brunn is his eagerness to collaborate and lack of ego, despite his expert capabilities and artistic sensibility. Numerous sources can attest that the “unbelievably accessible” Brunn is on the job four times as frequently as the average principal. On the off chance he’s not on site, the other two employees who complete DBA are equally capable architects. Together they conquer ten projects at once, combining a consistent mix of public and private spaces ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 square feet, averaging around $500 per square foot. The firm exclusively acts as the interior designer in each case; the decor is sparse but rich and often includes Brunn’s limited edition custom bench, hand-painted to resemble his own original oil painting. A heartfelt creative genuinely excited about his work, Dan Brunn raises the bar on dedication to the craft.

Representative Client Comments:
"A true collaborator. Between myself (the contractor), the client and Dan, all three parties know they hold a stake in the success of the end product and collectively arrive there, not based on who had the idea, but by which idea was best." "He gets very excited about his work, which puts everyone in high spirits and brings good energy to the job site." "Innovative and full of surprises but still somehow exactly what you asked for." "Dan is bright, educated, dependable, experienced and just overall impressive." "I'm very vocal as a client - I'd have a hand in my own surgery if I could. Dan understood this about me and was so patient - he remained in control the whole time but I always felt like my voice was heard." "Unbelievably accessible - he'll never push you off to an assistant or return your call 3 weeks later." "Easily in the top 5% of architects in this city." "Dan is a team member - he knows what it means to be in the trenches. His designs and the actual construction plans are integrated from the start - he’s not just a guy drawing sketches, but his designs are informed by construction limitations. Makes for a richer project for everyone." "He's cool, interesting, up on his art and just a truly engaging and heartfelt person to be around on and off the job."

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