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Guillermo M. Gomez Architect, AIA
28 West 27th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001
(646) 489-6653
Main Contact: Guillermo M. Gomez
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Interior Designers & Decorators

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Timeless, classic craftsmanship in a modern setting

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FR Review:
With an out-of-this-world vision rooted in worldly experience, architect and designer Guillermo Gomez achieves a level of unique and unparalleled sophistication. For some, a can-do attitude signifies willingness; with Gomez it stems from a résumé that shows he literally can do it all. Traditional, contemporary, rustic country, city chic – no two projects are similar except in quality: Gomez’s intricate detailing is always top shelf. His commitment to excellence is never for status, but rather an obligation as an advocate for the client. He may have the charisma of a movie star, but his gregariousness stems from a deep knowledge of the craft and a passion for service. His mission is to “discover the client’s signature,” not impose his own. Contractors and other designers echo this claim; all say he is a team leader who wants the best end result, regardless of who gets the credit.

Born in Argentina into a family of nurturing women, Gomez always had a sensitivity to beauty and romance, and sees design as a poetic reflection of these elements. His seven years studying architecture at the University of Buenos Aires translates into a Masters accompanied by certification. Starting in 1987, Gomez worked for several American companies and soon became a registered architect in the states as well, prompting him to open his own firm in 1992. He and five associates take on about ten projects at once, from 4,500 square foot apartment renovations to 18,000 square foot chateaus, priced anywhere from $4 to $30 million. On the team is wife Valeria Gomez, also from Argentina and head of the interiors. Clientele is both international and refined; Gomez will renovate a CEO’s penthouse and then their corporate headquarters, or design a polo farm and then join in on the game.

The firm charges a mid to high percentage of construction, but budget-wary clients should be warned: Gomez simply will not compromise quality. In fact, to avoid budget conflicts, the firm only takes on NYC projects west of Lexington Ave. Those who make the cut enjoy showing off their home’s handsome finishes crafted by what they call an equally “handsome, intelligent, caring” stand out in the trade. AD 100 2012, 2014.

Representative Client Comments:
"Guillermo's enthusiastic and has a strong point of view, but is as equally interested in what I want. He would push for certain things, but never bullied. Now those elements are the focal points of my home and I couldn't be happier." "Everyone in the firm is on the ball. And I loved the way he and Valeria worked together; she's excellent and they make a great team." "Guillermo has a more hands-on approach than other architects I've hired, which made me trust him more. I let him take the reigns, even if I wasn't sure what direction he was going in, and loved where he took the project." "He's passionate about the project down to every last detail. The fixtures, doors, windows, all the finishes...all high quality choices." "Guillermo has a global perspective and a worldly education, but is never presumptuous and wants to hear everyone's input." "Dynamic, enthusiastic, easy going, people person." "I've seen him do contemporary transitional, traditional, a layout with rooms but with a fluid, modern feel...Guillermo can do any style." "I recommend him to everyone."

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