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Paul Brant Williger, Architect

110 North Doheny Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Company Philosophy
For more than three decades, Paul Brant Williger has dedicated his talents to fulfilling the residential requirements and dreams of a host of discriminating high-end clients. The reputation he has built is that of a gifted architect with a proven ability to engage with patrons in such a way as to permit them to articulate and realize their own visions.

Williger began his career in the office of Robert A.M. Stern and, like Stern, displays a keen understanding of the requisites for luxury living, his bespoke skills having been honed in the affluent enclaves of Southern California, from Laguna Beach and Montecito to Malibu and Beverly Hills. Although known for his fluency in a number of architectural traditions, Williger is not one to place style over substance. “The signature or brand is not crucial for me. What is important is that I have realized my clients’ desires and gone beyond their expectations. That’s when I know I have done my job.” This mantra has served him well and has been one of the keys to his building the exclusive and discerning client base that has followed him to his namesake architectural firm, Paul Brant Williger. “My approach,” he explains, “is to begin with the clients’ dreams, together with the site and the project parameters, and to articulate these into a built form. My task is to find the opportunities in each situation which, when addressed intelligently, add depth and richness to a project.”

He encourages his clients to challenge him during the initial stages of the creative process, so that neither homeowner nor designer settles for less than the best outcome possible. “Don’t rush the process,” he says. “So much time and money can be saved by considering options in the design phase, rather than reconsidering everything while the project is in construction.” Williger creates residential visions that have superior architectural resonance while fully supporting the lives of the people who live there. “You can’t lose sight of the poetry you’re striving for,” he says, “but along the way there are many prosaic and bureaucratic steps that must be addressed. My clients come to me because they know that along the way we will navigate that process without losing sight of the aesthetics. The goal is order, resolution and beauty--not just getting a building permit.”

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Recently Completed Projects

Woodside, CA – New Spanish Colonial Revival on 4.5 Acres

Beverly Hills, CA – Remodel to 1926 English Tudor House with New Accessory Building containing below grade Theater and Wine Cellar, 1st Floor Pool House and 2nd Floor Guesthouse

Bel Air, CA – Remodel to Residence on 1930’s Estate

Bel Air, CA – Theater Addition to 1930’s Spanish Colonial Revival Residence

Project Under Construction

Laguna Beach, CA – New Mediterranean Style Beach House in Emerald Bay

Malibu, CA – Major Remodel of existing residence to Provence Inspired County House

Malibu, CA – Complete Remodel to update a 1970’s Beach House

Bel Air, CA – New Contemporary 6,000 sf Hillside Residence

Santa Monica, CA – Remodel and Addition to Historic 1911 Robert Farquhar Residence

Santa Monica, CA – Remodel of Historic 1930’s John Beyer Spanish Colonial Revival Residence

Projects In Design

Manhattan Beach, CA – New 10,000 sf Shingle Style Residence

Beverly Hills, CA – Remodel and Addition to Historic Paul Williams Residence

Beverly Hills, CA – Remodel and Addition to Colonial Style Residence

Beverly Hills, CA – Remodel and Addition to Cape Cod Style Residence

Sun Valley, Idaho – New Contemporary Residence

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