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The Ultimate in Home and Office Protection
301 North Valley Drive
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Company Philosophy
American Saferoom Door Company specializes in creating new saferooms as well as the conversion of existing closets, bathrooms, and other spaces while leaving interiors virtually unchanged. The firm has designed the world’s premier saferoom door.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Saferooms are the single most important means for reliably separating the home owner or employees from intruders while providing a safe place to await the arrival of police or on-site security. Along with world-renowned security consultant and best selling author, Gavin de Becker, American Saferoom Door Company developed the concept of a saferoom or "panic room” and continually pioneers new ways of improving protection and installation.

“Though we never name clients, we advise many prominent public figures. Providing a safe place to wait out an intrusion emergency is always a key part of any safety plan. No firm has done more research, development, and actual installations than American Saferoom Door Company.” — Gavin de Becker

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