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P.O. Box 59
Old Chatham, NY 12136
Company Philosophy
Great Minds Think Alike.

Great buildings come from differences – the gap in creativity and experience that separates great builders from the rest. The more creative the idea, the more its execution counts. At AE GREYSON, we understand the art and the science and the science in the art. In fact we never separate the two. This is why we are the builder of choice and partner with the most innovative architects and interior designers to defy the laws of physics. We don't just understand them. We feel what they do. Our connection goes beyond sense to sensibility. We share their point of view.

For nearly 20 years, AE GREYSON has taken pride in our ability to enter each project from our client's point of view. We are able to do this because our founder and president, Joseph Kusnick is a licensed architect and former practicing architect with; Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, Ulrich Franzen Associates and Andrée Putman/ECART. This allows AE GREYSON to be positioned among builders to understand the most highly sophisticated projects from an architectural point of view.

This translates into real ideas, real solutions and real understanding of the needs and expectations of the creative elite. The foundation of our success is our unique ability to complement the resources of architects and interior designers in ways to ensure an organic relationship between concept and execution. Thought and action. Hypothesis and proof.

We know the rules and we delight in bending them to fit the boundaries of broad imaginations.

You think of it. We build it.

Left Brain/right brain.

Make the right decision.

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