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Caleb Anderson Design

New York, NY
Company Philosophy
"In Design, important is the final product, so too is the experience and dialogue making the vision come to life." Putting equal importance on both components, Caleb Anderson Design melds the client's favor with industry expertise in exquisite fashion.

Caleb is the visionary and creative-force behind New York-based firm, Caleb Anderson Design. After earning his degree in Interior Design, he honed his craft under direction of AD100 designer Jamie Drake and architect David Mann.

Marked by tasteful eclecticism, a profound stratiform of texture, and graceful color palettes, Caleb's style forges an understanding between timelessness and today. "Design should be alluring without giving up function, and every statement in a space should give weight to both."

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
From compact New York apartments to expansive country homes, Caleb’s portfolio is diverse and extensive. With each design, he authors an environment that blends elements of the past and present alongside his own custom pieces. His emphasis on unique and inspired custom-designed furnishings exceeds the standard and creates a space of sui generis elegance. “The perfect piece of furniture may not exist, which can be limiting; so we create it.”

Caleb Anderson Design’s services span the full scope of the design process and include interior design & decoration, construction design, project management, and custom furniture design. "Our experience allows us to perform all tasks with energy, meter, and excellence."

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