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Muriel Brandolini

Idiosyncratic, exhuberant interior design
167 East 80th Street
New York, NY 10075
Company Philosophy
I am not about rules or philosophies because rooms are not about abstract principles of design, but what will work in this specific space for the life lead by that individual client. The abstract doesn't interest me. I either love or hate - there's no in between. If you're not enveloped by a warmth and comfort when you enter a room, its not well decorated. Yet this room must never be boring, and I don't hesitate to make the grand statement. Unusual antiques - the more idiosyncratic the better - mixed with sleek, contemporary furniture, fine art overlapping patterns and a bold use of color are what characterize any work.

For a social young couple with children the challenge was to create in a series of formal rooms in a 1920s Rosario Candela co-op, space appropriate for more intimate family gatherings and large receptions. The solution was a kind of haute boheme decor, combining Asian and Napoleon III furniture, simple printed cottons with rich silk velvets, and a color palate vigorous yet refined.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
When it came to doing up a glass box of a country house in upstate New York, I knew the patterns of nature beyond the windows would kill any man-made ones found inside. Here, the interiors acquired their own drama through the whiplash silhouettes of contemporary furniture by Ron Arad and Mark Newson, upholstered in barely colored silks and velvets that echo the boldness of the colors found in nature itself.

A young woman came to me for a new look for her library. Normally I would not do such a small job but the client and her husband had an important collection of contemporary art, and I wanted to prove these works can be shown to advantage in something other than a minimalist, white, and dehumanized setting. As it worked well I was then asked to decorate the rest of the sprawling Park Avenue duplex. Now I'm commuting to Greece to decorate her mother's Athens house, which comes as a great joy for the project was begun by my idol, Renzo Mongardino.
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