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Davenport Contracting Inc.

High-end customer builder
78 Harvard Avenue
Stamford, CT 06902
Company Philosophy
The Davenport Team, led by Brian MacDonald, make it a priority to keep clients informed every step of the decision making, budgeting, selection and construction process. Their team chemistry includes not only the clients, but also the architect, interior designer, project manager and crew in order to provide exceptional quality at an agreed upon price. In all cases everyone at Davenport works at "Delighting the Customer".

- To see more, go to our CT/Westchester Portfolio page.

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Recent projects include the renovation/restoration of a Gentleman's Horse Farm in Westchester County. This 10-acre property features an antique farmhouse, caretaker's cottage, guest barn, horse barn and paddock. Extensive site work and infrastructure has been put in place to enable the homeowner to oversee everything from security to lighting from anywhere in the world.

A new shingle style waterfront home in Greenwich, Connecticut has involved working with the Coastal Management Process. An existing home was removed and the new home sited to take full advantage of the location.

These two projects make use of Davenport's Critical Path Process – a pert chart listing items, timetables and decision dates. Constantly updated and revised it enables the customer, architect and Davenport team to know exactly where the job is and what decisions need to be made.

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