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Kenne Shepherd Interior Design Architecture PLLC

Creating elegant, sophisticated, contemporary residences
54 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10010
Company Philosophy
We believe that modern is an attitude rather than a style. We create environments that express the client’s aspirations and lifestyle. What distinguishes the residences we design is our focus on quality, refinement, sophistication, and good proportion. Our high level of quality results in a quiet luxury that is felt in the richness of textures, materials, furnishings, and fine details. And we know how to deliver that within the client’s budget.

Our design process is an ongoing collaboration with our clients. We begin by listening. We want to know about the lives they live; the spaces that speak to them; and the colors, materials and furniture they want around them in short, what makes a place a home. This conversation lasts through the life of the project, from the initial vision for the residence through construction and move in.

Clients turn to us because we know how to translate dreams and desires into real spaces. Skilled editors with an experienced eye, we can select and orchestrate all of the elements of a satisfying home. We focus the process and remain hands-on throughout to assure that the residence meets their vision. Our goal is always a well-satisfied client.

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
We bring years of experience working for exacting residential and luxury retail clients. It is evident in two recent projects that realize the desires of very different clients. Both couples wanted residences where they could unwind. For one, that meant rooms enlivened with warm colors and rich textures for their collection of traditional furnishings and art. We worked within a limited budget that still allowed for rich faux finishes, the complete renovation of the two baths and a major renovation of the kitchen.

The other wanted the serenity of an all-white, minimalist interior with contemporary furnishings. The clients generous budget allowed for exquisite silk wall coverings and furnishings, realized in a subtle palette of materials, textures and tones. It is a spacious yet sensual environment. For each, we achieved a finely tuned level of comfort that is home.

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