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Tom Stringer Design Partners

Comfortable, classical interiors with a modern sensibility
919 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 320
Chicago, IL 60611
Company Philosophy
Tom Stringer Design Partners’ creativity is simultaneously rooted in the classics while offering a modern approach. With the same energy that motivates his own love of travel and collecting, Tom and his team incorporate their clients’ passions into design schemes to create relaxed glamour that’s personal and unique. Spaces created by Tom Stringer Design Partners are warm and inviting and visually elegant. Tom’s experience collaborating with top architects, contractors and landscapers means he can also take the lead role in coordinating all aspects of a design project.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all ‘look’ to our projects,” says Tom, “Each is specifically tailored to a client. If we do our job well, at the end there should be no trace of us— just a happy client.”

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Tom Stringer Design Partner’s diverse stylistic repertoire ranges from contemporary to traditional. The firm’s credits include historic residences showcasing a mix of period French and English furniture as well as chic Gold Coast apartments featuring stunning modern art collections. Similarly, his firm designs and plans for a broad spectrum of projects, including luxury homes, historic estates, ranches, hotels, restaurants and yachts. The firm works with clients on both coasts as well as in the Chicago area.

“I’m interested in mixing objects of different eras to tell a deeper story. I like clean-lined shapes paired with things that are more textural or exotic,” explains Tom.

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