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Interior Design and Decoration--Residential custom workooms

Sandra Morgan Interiors

70 Arch Street
Greenwich, CT 06830
Company Philosophy
When stepping over the threshold into a clients' home, I am being invited into their private world. My first responsibility is to attempt to capture the spirit of that world, interpret my clients' wishes, and be sensitive to their needs. The creative process should be a happy collaboration, resulting in an enhanced environment which is highly comfortable, soothing, and constantly evolving. The final effect should fit them like a glove.
Areas of Expertise/Recent Projects
Recent projects have included two renovations, both with substantial additions, and one tear-down, starting from the ground up. All required successful teamwork with architects and contractors.

The tear-down/re-build project for a young couple with two children required ongoing collaboration with their architect and general contractor. Their 4500 square foot home is firmly traditional on the exterior, but clearly modem on the interior. My clients prefer a minimal look, focusing on simple lines, organic materials, and state of the art technology . The dramatic color palette for the first floor was inspired by an earthy granite used for kitchen countertops, resulting in a moss green family room, pomegranate diningroom, mushroom living-room, and a library the color of port. All are held together by pale taupe walls winding through the entrance foyer, up to and throughout the second floor hall. The challenge here was to many tradition to an avante garde perspective.

This project led to further collaboration with the same architect (Scott Soper, Greenwich, Ct.) and general contractor (Steve Grunow, Greenwich). A waterfront residence, circa 1920 was renovated and enlarged, resulting in an 8,000 square foot stone/clapboard home designed in the elegant European country house style. From the unique courtyard entrance a feeling of intimacy and charm is established. My clients appreciate a warm, classic look and informal lifestyle driven by the activities of their four sons, ages 6-15. Providing an exciting and comfortable backdrop for friends and family of all ages has been my goal for this highly active household. Respect for the bones of the original house has influenced my choices of materials, and the natural beauty of the water views has helped formulate a soothing color palette. Working with the same team as before has allowed us to make quick assessments and decisions. There is a definite "can-do" attitude among all associated with this substantial project.

We have also recently been involved in a renovation/addition to a vintage colonial home, circa 1870. The main structure was originally 3500 square feet. An additional 2500 square feet provide a large playroom, guest-room /bath, private work space and laundry/mud room. The lofty, modem addition is a surprising contrast to the mellowness of the original. My clients preference for antiques and art-deco furniture coupled with a love of color and a fine art collection have resulted in a stimulating collaboration. The interior decoration and design of the entire house has included an attic conversion into a fabulous home office, a home theatre, and a cheerful bedroom for their six year old son. The next phase of this ongoing project will be the extensive redesign and installation of the master bath, drawing on the art deco style for inspiration.
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