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Robert Couturier Inc.

Dramatic, stylish, lush interior design
69 Mercer Street, Third Floor
New York, NY 10012
Company Philosophy
As an architect, Robert Couturier's first demand is the conception of interior spaces and volume. It is the part of Interior Design that nobody will notice at first but that will give to color, light and furniture their true sense of existence which is to create a strong feeling for people to move into their own private world.
Robert Couturier and his team try to reconciliate in their interiors what was always the basis of architecture: the high rigor of classicism and the most radical modernism. This gives him and his clients an open and wide space of imagination where shapes, colors and textures can go from "pure abstract white" to bright red through all the colors of nature. Those of the sky, the earth, the stones and water and also from the purest of linens to the most sophisticated embroidered silk.
Every project is a story: the private, personal adventure of each client. What we have to create for and with them is at the same time, this deep sense of comfort and intimacy that our world requires and the feeling of an open and free life.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
A New York entrance hall recreated from two apartments put together, was given the original proportions made popular, by such architects as Candela and Carpenter. The use of warm soft tones, gives the space a timeless feeling.

A Los Angeles drawing room, all the different and best designers of the 1940’s are gathered. From the Chandelier, by Poillerat, to the mirror by Serge Roche, the suite of sofas and armchairs, by Robjohn Gibbons and console table, by Mallet-Stevens. The colors are subdued and soft. The atmosphere, ethereal in temporal.

A Connecticut house dating back to 1743, has kept all of its original features, from floors to ceiling, they were carefully reclaimed. The furniture that was used to furnish it is early 17th century English and American. The owners wanted a feeling of arrested time.

A New York loft shows the window treatment, with custom hand embroidered border.

A dining room sideboard. The lighted candlesticks providing the warm and dim glow propitious to intimacy.

A New York loft showing symmetrical positioning of furniture and artwork, that helps to unify the diversity of cultures. The bed s French Louis XV, the rug French 1930’s by Leleu. The two cabinets are Chinese 17th century. The ottoman is an Egyptian throne of the 15th century.

A New York loft, the wall treatment by Paulin Paris and Christian Bonnefoi, whose warm greys and free shapes give and atmosphere of depth and poetry to the bare walls, a Geo Ponti sofa echoes the shapes.

A courtyard of a Mexican Hacienda that was entirely recreated with enough respect to the authentic vernacular of the region, as to appear original but not slavishly so, in its use of the architectural vocabulary.

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