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Local, Long Distance, International, Residential and Commercial Full Service Moving and Storage.

NorthStar Moving Corporation

9120 Mason Avenue
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Company Philosophy
NorthStar Moving Corporation has grown due to its commitment to providing stellar customer care. It’s simple: A happy customer is a repeat customer. A happy customer is the pebble in the pond and the resounding ripple effect makes NorthStar Moving Corporation the mover of choice to the choosiest cliental of the West Coast. Our toll-free number says it all: (800) ASK PROS.
Areas of Expertise/Recent Projects
The last thing you want is a mover that drops things and that includes names. Our client list is a proverbial whose who of the entertainment industry, corporate America and ordinary Joes (name changed to protect “Joe’s” identity). Rest assured, we’re the movers to the West Coast movers and shakers.
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