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Holistic Organizational Design
350 7th Avenue, Suite 1504
New York, NY 10001
Company Philosophy
Clos-ette is a functional design firm specializing is closets, dressing rooms, kitchens, safe and jewelry, silver and china rooms, crafting and wrapping rooms laundry rooms and more. Any room where the collection going into it, leads the direction of the space. We design projects from the inside out and our basic philosophy is the geometry of space versus the inventory going into said space. We refer to this as "holistic organizational design". Using this approach we achieve super functional, innovative and organized spaces that are also beautiful. Generally we are brought in as a sub consultant to a larger team for these spaces on high-end residential projects. We have also applied this philosophy to both retail, commercial and office space environments. We are not for everyone and only do about 30-40 projects a year worldwide.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
  • Publication of "Shop Your Closet: The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Closet with Style"
  • Partnership with Ateliers Jean Nouvel of 100 11th Avenue condominiums
  • Partnership with Robert A.M. Stern and Zeckendorf for 18 Gramercy Park South
  • Clos-ette by Nanz hardware line
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