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Christensen Design Group

26 East 63rd Street
New York, NY 10065
Company Philosophy
John Christensen has designed, defined, and transformed homes, corporate offices, and restaurants for decades--but the impulse to create elegant environments began at home: “My mother was either a frustrated interior designer or collector; we were always changing the look. I thought this was how everyone lived." Moving early from

California to New York, Christensen honed his technical skills with some of the greatest names in interior design, and trained his formidable eye by working with a staggering list of some of the greatest collectors, dealers, artists and artisans in the world. His clients have always valued comfort, luxury, character, and quality, and Christensen specializes in giving clients what they want; whether it is traditional, tropical, or transitional--moving through various styles within a harmonious environment.

Christensen has a strong architectural background, and has an intimate understanding of classical balance, proportion, and scale. He is known for his attention to detail and his ability to make decisions quickly, confidently, and artistically. Christensen is highly prized by his loyal circle of intensely private clients, and has executed large-scale projects for their homes in New York, Southampton, Aspen, Palm Beach, the Bahamas, England, Ireland, France, and Russia.

Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Christensen moved to Florida for an early retirement, but his presence in Palm Beach has energized clients and called him back into business. “I just couldn’t stop working,” he says, “I loved my clients and their families, and Palm Beach is such an inspiration to me. Obviously, there is a lot of emphasis on outdoor living; the outdoor room is just as important and an extension of a more formal living area. Landscaping should be coordinated with the look and feel of the home. I strive to create homes that are a living work of art; spectacular, never 'cookie cutter' and not minimal or 'beige.' I always mix antiques with reproductions, use color, different textures, and decorative pieces. I always have fun, and I just get it done!.”
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