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KZ Architecture

9424 West Broadview Drive
Bay Harbor Island, FL 33154
Company Philosophy
The projects of KZ Architecture reflect a deep respect for context and purpose. With a palette of appropriate materials, the buildings embody a language that weaves together the traditional and the modern, as well as the indoors and the outdoors.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
  • Boano-Lowenstein Residence, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. 5,300 SF
  • Franco Residence, Golden Beach, Florida. 8,000 SF
  • 609 Ocean Boulevard, Golden Beach, Florida. 13,000 SF
  • La Hacienda Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica. 7,000 SF
  • Zebede Residence, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida. 5,200 SF
Unique, forceful, and classically modern, these projects provide environmentally sensitive solutions for homes in tropical climates. Each project is in harmony with its purpose, its surroundings, and the client’s vision.
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