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Frampton Co

Frampton Co designs artful, unique spaces for living- sophisticated and subtle.
9 East 19th Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Company Philosophy
Frampton Co is a full service interior design firm that manages all phases from concept through construction. Our accomplished professionals bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to bear upon each design challenge. We blend contrasting characteristics into complementary juxtaposition to create spaces that are: straightforward yet elegant; modern yet warm; subtle yet strong; livable yet luxurious.
Areas of Expertise / Recent Projects
Recent Frampton Co projects include a Flatiron loft, Tribeca residence, West Chelsea development, Upper West Side lobby and a hotel on the Oregon coast. Operating beyond the confines of trends, we adopt various perspectives to create thoughtfully composed design solutions. Our process is rooted in beauty, history and artistry. Using both tangible and intangible elements we develop a collection to relate a story that brings pleasure and purpose to environments. Inspired by founder Elena Frampton, our team emulates her creative passion and rigorous approach resulting in our uncanny ability to turn design challenges into interiors you want to be in.
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