Franklin Report Report Card for Cross It Off Your List in New York City
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Cross It Off Your List
56 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10010
(212) 725-0122
Main Contact: Linda Rothschild

Services & Specialties
Top-notch relocation, organization, and lifestyle management services

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FR Review:
This small and focused company offers services ranging from relocation to organization and lifestyle management. While they don't actually do the hauling, the firm will coordinate every single step of the move--right down to hiring the mover and placing your child's favorite toy in the toy chest. Clients are thrilled at the prospect of having one conversation about a move--and then, as if by magic, arriving at a home that is completely unpacked and ready for living.

Whether it is orchestrating your entire household move or just having a few errands run, Linda Rothschild and her organized and efficient team at Cross It Off Your List are number one on our sources' list of "who to call to get it done." In business since 1990, this battalion of efficiency and organization has been assisting clients in fighting the war on chaos all around the country (and sometimes the globe) in all facets of life. Busy with committees and chaufeurring the kids to soccer practice, the firm's happy clients say they couldn't manage the details of their hectic schedules without Linda.

Representative Client Comments:
"I am on the road for weeks at a time and things can get a little scary in my home - mail piles up, calls go unanswered, the cable can go out. I've had to plan paint jobs and construction jobs, but I can't always be there, nor do I always have the inclination to take care of this stuff, so I call Linda--she takes care of everything." "This is the fairy godmother any fraught New Yorker is searching for." "Whether your desk is littered with your life or your closet has items from your junior high days, Linda and her team can tame it." "There is not a wasted moment and every task is tackled with the right supplies, the right priorities, and an unerring sense of the client's privacy and priorities." "I dread the thought each year of relocating to our summer home. Cross It Off Your List keeps every detail in order, and keeps me stress free and ready to enjoy the season."

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