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Mark Jacksen Lighting Design
6 North 1st Avenue, Studio 102
Arcadia, CA 91006
(626) 821-2050
Main Contact: Mark Jackson
FR Rated
Lighting Design

Services & Specialties
Architectural and landscape lighting design

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FR Review:
Insiders say that Mark Jacksen's creations inspire "magic" and "warmth" indoors and outdoors. An unheard-of third-generation lighting designer, Jacksen logged fourteen years with his father before striking out on his own. Working with homeowners and other designers, he imagines custom schemes of accent lighting using form, shadow and color that dazzle at night. Focal points can include water features, furnishings, art, architectural detail and gardens.

Jacksen has been known to retrofit old light fixtures with optimal results. He will often use projectors to get the precise effect he wants. Clients and pros alike mention Jacksen's relentless pursuit of perfection. They tell us he strives to build his light sources into the architecture, tailoring his installations to new or existing plaster, millwork, glass and even sheet metal.

Jacksen offers design services, lighting adjustment and servicing recommendations, but he does not install. We hear he is sensitive to practical as well as aesthetic considerations, working to simplify lighting controls for a homeowner's ease of use. Jackson works for a fixed fee based on a house's square footage or on a time and material basis, charging $125 per hour for his own time, $85 per hour for an associate and $65 for a draftsman. Unique, lovely results lead clients to say they'd absolutely recommend him to friends.

Representative Client Comments:
"One of the best. Very intricate work." "As an installer, he makes life harder for me, but I have to admit the end result is awesome."

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