Franklin Report Report Card for ShubinDonaldson in Los Angeles
★ Franklin Report Card
3751 Robertson Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
(310) 204-0688
Main Contact: Russell Shubin, Robin Donaldson

Services & Specialties
Strikingly simplified, becoming, modern architecture

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FR Review:
ShubinDonaldson is admired for its handsome, linear Cubist architecture that seeks to reflect the clients' interests, desires and intentions. The firm uses innovative materials to create dramatic and sleek structures to encase private and serene environments. We hear the firm's approach to the design process is "versatile and thorough," while its management skill, communication and systematic back office are considered among the best. Devoid of big egos, partners Russell Shubin, Robin Donaldson and Mark Hershman are finely attuned to their clients' priorities and "win quality points for their service orientation." Clients are drawn to the firm's "confident, easygoing manner" and its clear and dynamic ideas.

Shubin began practicing architecture in 1985 after studying in France and completing architecture and business degrees. Donaldson began his career with LA's Morphosis Architects. Since opening its doors in 1990, the firm has received numerous industry accolades, including the prestigious Business Week/Architectural Record Award. They are most noted for their interest and ability in meshing the building to the site; thus, become a cohesive whole. They integrate the process with a realistic discussion centered upon costs and are roundly applauded for being "the most user-friendly amongst their peers." Immense research is at the heart of their work, which reflects in the discipline of thoughtful structural outcomes.

With offices in Santa Barbara, Culver City and Orange County, ShubinDonaldson now handles a full range of residential, commercial and institutional clients with a staff of 50. The company's notable residential projects range from 5,000 to 35,000 SF, with $800 to $1,500 per SF. While about half of the business is now commercial for such exalted names as Google, they maintain a boutique quality with uniquely creative solutions for each project. Also, with expertise in both arenas, there is a wider knowledge and reference to strong value, given the distinguished quality.

Representative Client Comments:
"Incredible architecture at a relatively reasonable budget and you do not get lost in the shuffle, as you do at other great LA firms." "Two nice guys from California who happen to be fabulous architects." "They exhibited great artistic communication skills, innovative designs with glass and stone, an easy flexibility, and had a greater respect for our budget than I did." "Russell and Robin work to complement each other. Their approach is aligned." "They are totally committed to being great architects." "They handle problems with reasonable solutions, not drama queen antics." "Among the rising stars in architecture." "There is spirituality about the work that is born of care."

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