Franklin Report Report Card for MLK Studio Inc. in Los Angeles
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MLK Studio Inc.

8748 Melrose Avenue
2nd Floor
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-5255
Main Contact: Meg Joannides

Interior Design

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Services & Specialties
Inviting, clean modern yet versatile interior design


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FR Review:
MLK Studio can translate a client’s desire for clean, balanced, contemporary interiors to the most pure modernist or most refined traditionalist architect. Considered a “real” designer for her ability to read specs, principal Meg Joannides is involved in the sketching stages of new homes; her interiors reveal a structurally integrated vision with attention to details down to the pattern in the plastering. Frames in metal, stone and wood with oil-rubbed and matte finishes are warmed up by textured, sometimes patterned, statement pieces or wallcoverings, giving all of her work a timeless edge. In more minimal homes, Joannides will include a custom designed area rug in muted but inviting colors to break up the otherwise grid-like symmetry of the house. However talented, you won’t catch this designer claiming to “do it all” (no English Tudors here)—colleagues admire her stylistic integrity.

Joannides’ practical, intentional composure in both her presence and design work has its foundation in her upbringing: a Scandinavian-styled home headed by intellectual parents with clear and high expectations. Though a more creative path than her family intended for her, Joannides attended both UCSB for business and FIDM for interiors, striking a strategic balance that would placate her folks and set herself up for success. The designer’s first job was with a boutique firm not unlike MLK, followed by gigs with Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren in locales from NYC to Europe and all over Asia. This opportunity afforded the aspiring designer both a cultural and corporate view of the industry, something that informs her business model today. She opened her own firm in 2000 and shortly thereafter had her collaboration with Hagy Belzberg featured in Interior Design magazine. The editorial lead to commissions in Dubai and Toronto and soon business took off; since then MLK Studio has shown no signs of slowing down.

With floor plans as grand as 40,000 square feet, some with renderings even too complex for CAD, this firm of four partners with the likes of Shubin Donaldson and its contemporaries for substantial undertakings. Working locally in LA and Montecito, and then jetting off to Sun Valley, Park City or even overseas for vacation homes, the team takes on about five projects at once. Fees are standard and offered within a flexible structure, and we hear Joannides keeps even the biggest budgets in check. Ornate vision boards make this “supportive” designer a favorite of both clients and vendors, and she sticks to her guns once the plan is in place. A subtle unfolding of elegance, the calculated interiors of MLK Studio perfectly compliment the framework at hand.

Representative Client Comments:
"My work, as an architect, is typically very traditional. Meg was able to come in with her modern sensibility and great balance between the two styles. The way it came together complimented the architecture for a seamless transitional look." "Meg's look is crafted, sleek, and clean, but with textural layers and fabrics." "Her strong suit is modernism; she's a purist and minimalist but still knows how to keep it warm." "Meg has a vision and sticks with it. She stands her ground no matter what and I admire that about her." "She is a proper designer in that she understands architecture and designs around the bones of the space." "When you walk into a room, each layer unfolds and welcomes you, rather than scream at you all at once. It's pleasant and inviting."

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