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Sarah Magness Interiors

30 East 33rd Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10016
(917) 239-5136
Main Contact: Sarah Magness
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Services & Specialties
Contemporary design informed by classic architectural tutelage

FR Review:
With an evident education grounded in classical architecture, Sarah Magness creates works of livable regality. Called “insightful” and “highly perceptive” by sources close to her, the designer is known for understanding the often complex needs of successful Millennials better than most, and always establishes a clear vision from the start, regardless of the style or scope. Often with the client from the purchase of the home through placing silverware in the kitchen drawers, Magness covers all the bases to ensure their shared vision attains greatness. Those who work with her agree the key to her flawless execution is her infectious, team player attitude; her energy inspires those around her to be the best versions of themselves. Often working in neutral palettes and always including elaborate architectural details with textbook precision, her projects bring a contemporary edge to established homes.

Magness’ intellectual approach to design stems from a B.Arch from UT Austin and a M.Arch from Pratt; she opened Magness Design in 2008. The firm takes on about four massive—we’re talking horse farms and seven-story townhouse guts—projects at a time in the tri-state area. Longtime clients can sometimes nail down Magness for a room or two (one even flew her out to Italy for a bathroom reno) but her work is at its best when she can manipulate the entire property, landscape included (we hear she has a knack for exterior planning). Because projects are both grand and intricate, Magness “bills like an architect” with a “high, but not painfully high” hourly. While she’s noted for having expensive taste, she’s never pushy with suggested splurges and is purely after the piece with the best quality. Never pretentious, always personable, with a work ethic built on respect and raw talent, Sarah Magness is hailed as “a power for the good in the design world.”

Representative Client Comments:
"Because of Sarah's strong understanding of classical beauty she can design a look anyone can appreciate." "She's extremely personable and has great social skills; she keeps everyone in high spirits and makes every project genuinely fun. And because everyone is at their best, work moves quicker and there are fewer mistakes." "Rather than boss everyone around, Sarah gets things done by actually treating everyone with respect." "The firm works on very complicated projects but takes them on as a team." "She has a breadth of knowledge and awareness for contemporary art and decor and she's not afraid to include contemporary pieces to give an edge to a more traditional, established home." "She has a way with wealthy clients in their 20's and 30's - she's just able to hone in on their needs and provide very insightful solutions."

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