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Furniture Masters Inc.
38-42 Review Avenue
Long Island City, NY 11101
(718) 482-9111
(516) 322-9133
Upholstery & Window Treatments
Millwork & Cabinetry

Services & Specialties
Mostly trade-choice upholstery, window treatments and custom furniture

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FR Review:
Furniture Masters distinguishes itself with a fully integrated workroom, excellent service and reasonable costs. Building a following since 1971, father-son team Jeremy and Alan Skow have been working with top decorators and architects for many years, ably serving the residential and commercial/hospitality market. Clients have included the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Escada, Coach Leather, Bergdorf Goodman and Burberry. There is an 8,000-square-foot showroom that features 200 upholstered pieces and a dozen drapery treatments. People in the know say its custom furniture shop (where the firm builds cabinets, armoires, built-in wall units and more) produces lovely pieces.

A "one-stop shop," this firm of 45, manufactures frames, applies fine finishes, fabricates metal piecework and creates drapery hardware. Clients say FM's hand carving and specialty finishes are at the top end of the quality scale. Sources say this cross-referencing of knowledge cultivates a greater insight that results in a more integrated product. However, clients advise those with high-end, complicated projects to do their research first; pushing this firm to the limit of its expertise could cause complications and deliver less than desirable results.

Representative Client Comments:
"Very high-end, highly capable custom upholstery and cabinet shop." "Jeremy goes to bat for the designer." "Furniture Master's inlay floors are especially wonderful." "Fantastic custom finishes." "Very pleasant staff–always a pleasure to work with." "Pricing is tremendous for residential work but not so happy with commercial pricing." "Really professional. So much better than the smaller shops I have dealt with in the past." "With everything under one roof, the timing is appreciably improved." "Their service and follow-up is what makes me come back." "It turned out that their experience in pivot door installation is very limited. Their installers provided the lowest possible quality, damaging the high-end doors. [However] Mr. Skow acknowledged that he should not have taken this job - for he has no experience in this field, and didn't know what kind of quality his subcontractor could provide." "Given a strong design and some direction, they can produce anything." "Their tented ceilings are especially impressive."

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Posted 2/24/2010
Reviewed By:
Alexandre Gertsman New York ,NY

Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
pivot doors; interior reconstruction of the front windows (floor to ceiling, wall to wall size)

II. It turned out that their experience in the pivot door installation is very limited, their installers provided the LOWEST possible quality, damaging the high-end doors they have brought in while the installation.

In order to get the pivot doors contract, he gave me a good estimate, but then, when the project was half-way through, he sent a bill which DOUBLED his estimate! We had finally negotiated 50% of the second part of his new estimate!

III. Jeremy Skow, VP of the Furniture Masters, acted as a Contractor for the interior reconstruction of the front window. He recommended a sub-contractor for my project telling me they had previously worked for Furniture Master Inc.

It turned out, however, that this subcontractor has not done before this kind of high-end job which required high professional skills the quality was very low; They had to re-do their job several times, tripling the agreed upon time, and finally were bought out by me - and I hired a new contractor to change their work and to finish the project.

However, Mr. Skow's subcontractor FORGOT to place back in the weight in the sliding-up window (one out of 2) and the window does not function! (it cannot be opened and stay in place, it slides down right away!)

Mr. Skow had finally acknowledged that he should not have taken this job - for he has no experience in this field, and neither had he known what kind of quality his sub-contractor can provide with. Mr. Skow's only interest was making his commissions (all this acknowledged by him in his emails to me - I saved in my files)

Despite my constant complains to Mr. Skow, he did not even bother to visit my construction site and to work with his sub-contractors.

If I could have reported Furniture Master's quality and Mr. Skow's ignorant attitude to my project, I would be doing it anywhere in the internet - that other clients would not go through what I had with him, and neither they would ever hire this company!

        Cost of Project: $10,001 - 50,000
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