Franklin Report Report Card for Metamorphosis Construction Corporation in New York City
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Metamorphosis Construction Corporation
210 East 68th Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 772-6543
Main Contact: Konstantine W. Tsombikos
FR Rated
Contractors - General

Services & Specialties
Contractor; creative problem-solving specialist

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FR Review:
The brainchild of civil engineer Konstantine Tsombikos, Metamorphosis combines old-fashioned contractor know-how with inventive problem-solving skills. References say the firm is a godsend for dealing with dilemmas other contractors balk at, and praise Tsombikos for deploying whatever is required–cantilevering techniques, unorthodox materials, the laws of physics (all in compliance with NYC Building Code of course) to tackle the issue at hand. Very much a firm known for getting around difficult obstacles (building risers, landmark boards), building managers say Metamorphosis “finds a way to get it done.” In business since 1984, Tsombikos has "seen it all," and can do anything from tracing the path of a mysterious water leak to matching new materials with old for a seamless blend.

Fielding a full-time staff off six, Metamorphosis usually handles carpentry, drywall, painting and tile in-house, then relies on a small pool of subs for specialty skills (including cabinetmaking). The firm is one of a handful of high-end companies that willingly takes on small projects, especially if a creative challenge is involved. Their work is exclusively in Manhattan and mostly on the Upper East Side–Tsombikos often ends up working on multiple apartments in the same building via good word-of-mouth. Price wise, the firm is not a dirt-cheap bargain, but a good value. As a Park Avenue building manager told us, “when I recommend them, I don’t have to worry.”

Representative Client Comments:
“Any difficult job you have, just send Konstantine. He’ll figure it out.” "A problem solver." "When you open up the walls and find a surprise, Konstantine is the guy to call." “He’s a perfectionist! He’ll do a window three times if he has to.” “There was a broken pipe behind a wall, and without plans he came in and fixed it up perfectly.” “He really has a good reputation, and is so accommodating–always dashing off to help another client in need.” “He was fantastic about navigating the relationships in our building.” “I can’t tell you what a relief it is to have a first-rate contractor.”

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