Franklin Report Report Card for JCP Cabinetry Inc in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
JCP Cabinetry Inc
Sunnyside Gardens
Queens, NY 11104
(718) 721-3857
Main Contact: J. Chris Packard
Millwork & Cabinetry
Custom Closets

Services & Specialties
Custom millwork designed exclusively for the NYC residential market

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FR Review:
The lasting impression left by JCP Cabinetry’s work mirrors the one clients get from first meeting owner Chris Packard: tidy, authentic and thoughtful. The integrity of this custom firm stems from its open-door storefront, free drawings and estimates, and check-ups years down the road. Head-to-toe work in extensive renovations of 2,000-5,000-square-foot apartments are JCP’s bread and butter, and it takes on about two a year. Elegant radiator covers and customized Murphy beds, finished in marble, lacquer or a variety of stains make up the remainder of the workload. It’s reported that Packard lends his artistry to each and every job JCP takes on, yet still honors schedules and deadlines with the technicality of a project manager. The result is a home complete with the space—and in the time—New Yorkers only dream of.

When the shop that once employed him went out of business, Packard bought the property, equipment and all, and started JCP in 2000. With the help of his “responsible, respectful” crew of fi ve, he designs, builds and installs everything in-house and only subcontracts when materials are mixed in. Projects are said to be competitively priced, starting at $500 and going up to $400,000. The generous window Packard allows clients between consultation and hire leaves even the most apprehensive feeling eager and insured in their investment. The trusting relationships Packard builds, paired with his focused expertise in the unique New York residential style turns walk-ins into loyal patrons and contractors into private clients.

Representative Client Comments:
“The company’s biggest asset, and what sets them apart, is the relationship Chris builds with you from the start, and the trust that comes with it.” “I used JCP for my home, then my showroom, and then sent them over to my father’s place. If I ever do another project I will call them and only them.” “Able and flexible to do a variety of fi ne finishes.” “Chris is very easy to work with, he’s polite, easygoing and gets along with all personalities, plus he’s a great team player.” “The crew is always the same and they are very courteous as well as talented; they aren’t laborers who need to be supervised by anyone—they are all craftsmen.” “Pricing was competitive and fair; it was a good chunk of change, but my next project is a small one (just some doors) and I will definitely still go to JCP.” “Not only are Chris’s designs creative, but he’s also crafty when it comes to problem solving, like building access and installation issues.” “Fabulous job; I recommend them to everyone.”

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