Franklin Report Report Card for Contract Workroom, Inc. in New York City
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Contract Workroom, Inc.
300 Morgan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 782-6430
Main Contact: Jan Girard
Upholstery & Window Treatments

Services & Specialties
Trade only - Inventive window treatments, upholstery, leather goods, and other fabrications

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FR Review:
From a tuxedo for David Bowie to collapsible air-locked walls for NASA, Jan Girard's hands have been trusted to sew it all. Clients say it's her stylish inventiveness, heightened by wit and intellect, that enables Girard to conceptualize the most challenging fabrications. And with her only rule being that a project push the limits and keep things fun and interesting, it's no wonder she's been successfully creating window treatments, upholstery, fabric walls, pillows, leather goods and any other stitch work for over 30 years. Her trade-only clients are some of the most respected in the industry, and have been with Girard since day one. When designers want to work with eccentric materials like woven metal or rubberized fabric, they rely on Girard to persuade the disbelieving manufacturers it can be done.

Girard studied interior design at the University of Texas then went into costume design – using mostly leather – until opening her Contract Workroom in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The 2,000 square-foot loft – decorated with koi fish, plants, copper, leather and works-in-progress – serves as a sanctuary to keep Girard and her five employees inspired. Everyone on Girard's staff also has a background in fashion, which Girard notes is key to understanding how fabric hangs and moves. The only challenge this team has trouble with is "dumbing down" a design; with so much talent and a collective desire to deliver the best product, budgets aren't always easy to cater to. Ordering through Contract Workroom is like entering a contract with the product; clients of twenty years say everything is built to last and with Girard's sense of style, you'll want it to.

Representative Client Comments:
"Jan is utterly fantastic, one of the smartest people I know." "I've never worked with anyone else who is capable of creating what she creates." "It's all about functionality and lasting." "She's up there among the best...then again I'm not exactly sure who I'd even put her under." "Once you work with Contract Workroom you won't leave." "The prices are for people who know the difference. Jan's work is labor intensive. She's about long range solutions, not using off the rack fixes." "Jan knows everything there is to know about draperies and is a true artist. I can't recommend her highly enough." "Jan is a couturier of drapery." "When I need something done perfectly and don't want to worry about anything, I call Jan. She is as meticulous as they come. You can't get any better."

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