Franklin Report Report Card for Columbia University Tutoring & Translating Agency in New York City
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Columbia University Tutoring & Translating Agency
2960 Broadway Mail Code 5727
New York, NY 10027
(212) 854-4888
Main Contact: Anna
Academic Tutors & Counselors
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FR Review:
Columbia University does a good job of harnessing the educational abilities of its undergrad and graduate students in an entrepreneurial manner for tutoring the ambitious high school students of New York. Most private schools parents call upon Columbia more for academic tutoring rather than SAT prep, as Columbia does not provide a program per se for the tutors but rather a framework for them to connect with students. Language tutoring has proven particularly successful, as the Columbia student can easily jump right into the curriculum of the high school student and help out. Math and other more technical subjects have proven somewhat more complicated.

The really great news is the pricing. These Columbia students charge only $55 per hour (plus $5 for the subway if you want them to come to you), which is quite appealing compared to the $175 to $500+ charged by other services. Happy customers currently include Fieldston, Riverdale and Horace Mann students. There is less quality control than more formal tutoring companies, though, as the service really only distributes the tutor's email and/or cell phone and the rest of it is up to the customer.

Representative Client Comments:
"We had to call about 8 students before I found a French tutor that called me back and seemed responsible enough to agree to a weekly time. But she was great once we found her." "These tutors are not trained and this can sometimes be the first tutoring they have ever done, but the two that I used were eager and kind." "I would use them as homework helpers but not trust them to take my son through the specific SAT training process. Maybe a subject test but not the general SATs. They are not leading the process but are great about answering questions."

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Posted 5/16/2010
Reviewed By:
Green Randolf New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Outstanding Value, and Excellent Academic Mentorship
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
We called Columbia's tutoring service for a high school poetry assignment for my daughter. This was a one-off situation, and we only used the tutor 3 times. But we could not have been more pleased. The tutor, a graduate English student, was very capable, responsible and kind. She also did a good job of "coaching" my daughter without actually writing the assignment.

The hourly cost was ridiculously low and clearly an outstanding value. The only small hassle with Columbia is that the service gives you a list of tutors and you have to track them down and call them yourself. I had to call about 6, only 2 of which called me back in a reasonable time frame. But this inconvenience is definitely worth it given the very low cost of only $55/hour plus travel fare.
        Cost of Project: $0 - 300
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Posted 5/18/2010
Reviewed By:
sally hancock New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
The Columbia grad students have been an amazing resource to our family. I would highly recommend.
Work Quality
Cost Evaluation
Value Analysis
Project Description & Comments:
I also had a wonderful experience finding a Renaissance Art Columbia grad student tutor for my daughter, for a high school project that she was doing. White the standard Columbia Tutoring Agency did not have any suggestions for this specialized of a tutor, I called the Art History department directly and they could not have been nicer or more helpful in giving me a few emails of students to contact. After reaching out to a few, I found a charming, intelligent and responsible young woman that got my daughter over this hump.
        Cost of Project: $301 - 1,000
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