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A-List Education
29 West 36th Street
7th Floor
New York, NY 10018
(646) 889-1613
Main Contact: Sherwyn Fullington
Academic Tutors & Counselors
Educational Consultants

Services & Specialties
SAT, ACT, High School Subject Tutoring & Admissions Consulting

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FR Review:
A-List goes about the SAT and tutoring process with a very individualized approach, forming long-term relationships with students and families. Founded in 2005 by Scott Farber and Robert Hay, they continue to creatively evolve in their approach. A good example includes the newly-launched "Vocab Videos," which is a series of 500 mini YouTube-like clips of entertaining teen-scenes featuring SAT vocabulary words. Humor and liveliness define their differentiating characteristics.

While based in Manhattan with most of their tutors living here currently, the majority of their students reside in Long Island, where each success has quickly led to another. They have proprietary materials for the SAT and the ACT, which constitute about 66% of their business. They offer practice tests most every weekend in the NY office during testing season. Other services include the basic standardized tests (GRE, GMAT, LSAT) and high school homework/classroom tutoring. In addition, they do college advising and just released a software program called CEO, or College Essay Organizer which sorts the similar essay questions for over 600 colleges (why has no one done that before?), to make the college application process a bit less overwhelming.

The great news is that A-List is relatively well priced at $150 to $300 an hour. Tutors have extensive training before working with students (40+ hours) and are said to be quite engaging. Also, the tutors focus on imparting long term analytical problem solving skills well beyond just solving the geometry matrix in front of them. The average student take 25 to 30 sessions for the standard SATs. Packages can be purchased which include complimentary bonus hours. Very satisfied Columbia Prep, Horace Mann and Stuyvesant parents return to A-List with their other children.

Representative Client Comments:
"The difference with A-List is that they do what it takes to get the job done. If the student needs to discuss calculus that night, that is what happens even if it is not on the SAT curriculum." "A joy of learning is imparted, not just the information." "Their tutors are mostly Harvard and the Ivies like the other premium companies without the premium pricing."

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Posted 7/10/2010
Reviewed By:
karen bizer NEW YORK ,NY

Bottom Line:
Incredible. Amazing results. No pain.
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Project Description & Comments:
Not only does A-List education debunk all of the popular methods that other tutoring companies use to prey on clients' insecurities and require them to enlist more services than are needed, but this company really does what families need--it helps students in a tremendous variety of subjects, providing specialists in even the most obscure topics,
in a fun, informative way that engages the students and gets maximum results. This is not a company that is out to waste your time or money--they tell you upfront that the students must do the assigned work, whether it is homework or practice tests, but the work is not busy work it is truly work necessary to achieve optimal results. This, in concert with their tremendous teaching methods, yields amazing results. The result achieved by our family, although anecdotal, is a compelling story. Not only did A-list help two slow readers achieve amazing SAT RESULTS, the company did it within a limited time span and consequently, within a limited budget. Personally, I could not recommend them higher.
        Cost of Project: $10,001 - 50,000
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