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Jim Fenton
Broadway & 86th
New York, NY 10024
(212) 799-6341
(646) 644-4579
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Academic Tutors & Counselors

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Math SAT and general academic tutoring

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FR Review:
Jim Fenton is the closely held secret of a few lucky families in the Upper East Side private school network. A dedicated math tutor for, count them, 35 years, his dance card is full by June for the following academic year. He generally works with students who are are already in good shape and are just looking to "top up" their scores. His students typically attend schools like Collegiate, Chapin and Trinity.

Fenton works with actual old SAT tests and generally gives 8-10 tests to a student over that many weeks. Using this methodology, Fenton and the student work through any questions on concept or computation. Meetings take place at Broadway and 86th Street. Fenton's pricing is an excellent value at $125/hour, especially given his exceptional experience and established success.

Representative Client Comments:
"The best thing about using Jim is that you get Jim! Not some random, young tutor that was just hired last week." "Jim really cares about his students and takes a vested interest in their success."

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