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The Butler Method
667 Madison Avenue
22nd Floor
New York , NY 10065
(212) 966-3798
Academic Tutors & Counselors
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FR Review:
Matt Butler entered the field of academic tutoring as a writing tutor at Harvard University; upon starting his own tutoring company he soon realized that the only client more difficult to please than a Harvard grad student is an Upper East Side mom! With a motivating and thoughtful approach, The Butler Method's services range from tutoring elementary school to college students and test preparation for the SSAT, PSAT, AP tests, SAT, ACT and SAT Subject Tests. Beyond academic and standardized test prep, The Butler Method tutors work to create a holistic academic profile for each student. Tutors advise each student, helping with academics, refining entrance essays and ensuring that deadlines are met and each student is maximizing his or her potential in the admissions process. The Butler Method employs 12 high-caliber tutors, all trained by Matt. Serving New York City, Westchester, Greenwich, The Hamptons and Palm Beach, tutors work with students for 90 minute sessions from your home, making tutoring convenient.

The Butler Method was founded in 2002 by Matt Butler, a Harvard University and London School of Economics grad. The Butler Method has about 50 clients per year and Matt is each student's primary academic advisor, providing an extremely personalized service. The Butler Method helps enhance student's test-taking skills and academics in order to prepare them for college. Tutor-student relationships generally last from sophomore spring through senior spring.

The Butler Method can be distinguished from other firms by its unique strategy for reading comprehension and a new GMAT prep course. If your child struggles with the Reading Comprehension, The Butler Method boasts a time-saving strategy for the Reading section of the SSAT, SAT and ACT that gives students confidence during the test. Tutors have experienced great success with this strategy, helping some students increase their scores by as much as 300 points. For those farther along in academia, Matt has developed a lean and efficient GMAT prep course that he wishes he'd had when he took the test. This new course is ideal for those who are trying to study for the GMAT's while balancing college work or the demanding hours of a young professional.

If you're willing to pay a high rate, the Butler Method is ideal for clients who want an individualized service. It's especially recommended for students who want a holistic approach to help with the admissions process, not just a boost in one test score.

Representative Client Comments:
"My kids scores improved significantly because he taught them not just how to take a test, but the thinking behind the test that's necessary to master it." "My daughters both got 2350 out of 2400 and found The Butler Method to be instrumental." "The tutors at The Butler Method are excellent and if someone doesn't seem to be working out, they're gone, Matt takes the quality of those he employs very seriously." "Helps with college essays, wait-list letters etc. It wasn't just the SAT, it was the whole package." "I totally trust this service and go out of my way to recommend The Butler Method to others." "Matt is a complete professional. He uses his own materials, is completely reliable, focused and 100% effective. He's the model."

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Posted 10/15/2010
Reviewed By:
Industry CouncilTest Brooklyn ,NY

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Great tutoring
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