Franklin Report Report Card for Yoga Spa in Connecticut/Westchester
★ Franklin Report Card
Yoga Spa
321 Tarrytown Rd.
Elmsford, NY 10523
Main Contact: Jacqui Vernon
Yoga Studios
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FR Review:
A Hot Yoga studio that challenges clients mentally and physically, Yoga Spa is the place to 'sweat it out.' Yoga Spa's 90-minute classes are scheduled throughout the day, seven days a week and taught by extremely experienced instructors - seeing their fit, flexible forms you'll become a Yoga devotee on the spot. While Yoga Spa seeks to challenge your body with postures, instructors also place great importance on the mindful practice of yoga - meditating on poses, breathing and correct alignment. Focusing on these elements gives clients a real and holistic yoga practice that's less Brooke Burke and more Baron Baptiste.

Yoga Spa caters to all abilities, from newcomers to those who have been practicing their whole lives. Yoga Spa employs seven different instructors who teach a variety of classes including Bikram Yoga, Early AM Vinyasa, Vinyasa flow classes levels I, II and and III. Power Yoga is offered for those looking to build strength and Yoga Boot Camp is designed for those practicing the most challenging poses at a fast pace.

Yoga Spa is definitely suitable for those who like Hot Yoga as the studio can reach temperatures in the 90s. For those who have never done Hot Yoga before, it's advisable to both drink lots of water the day of your class and to recognize that there's nothing wrong with walking out if you feel ill. Parking is easy and widely available, costs are reasonable and monthly class cards are available which offer discounted rates. Yoga Spa is an excellent studio for enthusiasts of all abilities, as long as you can take the heat.

Representative Client Comments:
"I've lost weight since starting yoga at Yoga Spa but I must admit that the greatest pleasure is more internal and less visible. I am hooked on what the practice has done for me and my mental clarity." " I had a persistent knee injury (for which I had surgery and years of physical therapy). I've been going to Yoga Spa for a while now. Recently someone asked me about my recurring knee pain and I answered 'which knee?' That's the truth." "I've been attending Bikram classes 4 times a week and within the last month I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe, I don't fit into anything anymore!"

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