Franklin Report Report Card for Overland Summers in New York City
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Overland Summers
PO Box 31
Williamstown, MA 01267
(413) 458-0588
Youth Summer Programs & Camps
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FR Review:
Overland provides ten through nineteen-year-olds with summer or semester experiences that are designed to challenge and provide them with a fulfilling and meaningful learning experience. Overland is an American Camping Association accredited company that prides itself on its quality because of the high-caliber trip leaders they employ and their dedication to making each student's Overland experience one of the best of their lives.

Overland offers 43 different biking, hiking, field service, language immersion, writing and field studies trips throughout the US and across the world. Destinations include: New England, Western US, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, Peru, Europe and Tanzania. With a high leader-to-student ratio, kids are challenged but supported; groups never have more than twelve participants or fewer than two leaders. Overland takes the quality of its leadership very seriously as it's pivotal to the safety and success of their programs. They have an extremely selective application process as they only employ the most motivated and inspired applicants who they believe will be excellent role models. Overland also has high expectations for the students on its programs so that each participant is capable of handling the challenges they'll be faced with on an Overland trip.

Representative Client Comments:
"Thank you is a completely inadequate word to express how grateful we are that she had so much fun, was kept safe and came out of it seemingly more confident and self-assured." "In addition to being well-run, Overland makes a point of encouraging the qualities we'd all like our kids to adopt—confidence, healthful living, cooperation and responsibility." "The leaders have influenced Michael more than any other teacher, camp, counselor, or friend. I feel we were truly blessed to have two fine people enter our son's life. Our expectations were not only met, they were surpassed in every way. The care and dedication of your entire staff was clearly evident every step of the way." “Each year, Jett has come home more confident in his leadership, physical and team skills. He eats what is served, fixes his own meals and, actually, is nice to his younger sister. If he goes too many times, we won’t be able to stand his self-confidence." "It has been a life-changing experience for my daughter. Her confidence, self esteem and most importantly her empathy for others has been elevated to a new level by her Overland experience."

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