Franklin Report Report Card for IMG Bolletteiri Tennis Academy in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
IMG Bolletteiri Tennis Academy
5500 34th St. West
Bradenton, FL 34210
(941) 752-2531
Tennis - Youth
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FR Review:
The IMG Nick Bolletteiri Tennis Academy is world-renowned, having turned out some of the greatest tennis players of all time such as Maria Sharapova and Monica Seles. Bolletteiri Tennis Academy is home to both a full-time Academy for aspiring collegiate athletes and professionals and camps that run throughout the year. Bolletteiri Summer camps are open to players of any level, ages 10-18 and there are a few different camp options depending on your child's level of interest in tennis. Traditional weeklong camps are run throughout the summer for players of every ability. For a dedicated player, Bolletteiri offers a three week match prep camp and a five-week camp that can include high school or college level classes, SAT prep and ELL courses. For an extremely committed player, the seven-week Summer Tournament Series Camp is designed to take players' games to the next level through training and participation in the three USTA tournaments on site.

With a camper counselor ratio of 4:1, Bolletteiri camps offer incredible instruction. Morning sessions including on-court drilling and instruction and fitness sessions. Afternoon sessions are centered on match play strategy. Technique is prized and Dartfish video analysis is used to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in player's stroke. The C360 test is implemented to test the strengths and weaknesses of each player, evaluating their overall ability and highlighting where there's the most room for improvement. Nutritional counseling sessions also help players understand how to feed their body both when they're training and during competition.

At Bolletteiri's expansive complex, over 90 countries are represented among the players and staff, making Bolletteiri tennis camps both a cultural experience and a great place to make new friends. Bolletteiri has 35 US-Open grade hard courts, 4 indoor courts, 16 green clay courts and one red clay court. The IMG institute has a 100,000 square ft. weight room filled with the most advanced equipment for athletic advancement, a track and turf, athletic regeneration room for aches and pains, and a vision-specific training room that contains many of the same exercises used by military pilots. No mental or physical aspect of your tennis game will be left unattended during a player's stay at Bolletteiri.

Bolletteiri is one of the foremost tennis training centers in the world and player's will receive the highest level of training and coaching while at Bolletteiri. Though Bolletteiri will work with a player of any ability, it's advisable that you only send your child to Bolletteiri if they're a capable tennis player, otherwise they may find the environment a bit overwhelming.

Representative Client Comments:
“Nick's incredible concepts of how to play the game are perfectly translated and executed by the staff. It’s amazing how his energy runs through the campus." "At Bolletteiri they truly care about building better tennis players and better people.”

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