Franklin Report Report Card for Lea Frank Design in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Lea Frank Design
222 Lakeview Terrace
Teaneck, NJ 07666
(917) 622-8483
Main Contact: Lea Frank
Interior Design
Kitchen & Bath

Services & Specialties
Warm, contemporary interior design

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FR Review:
A young designer with a warm contemporary style, Lea Frank creates beautiful, livable spaces for clients. Born and raised in France, Frank moved to the states in 2001 to study at Yeshiva University and FIT. After graduating, she worked for Extell, developing floor plans and model apartments. Her style is more expansive European (Frank is a longtime student of Italian design) than cookie-cutter French, but happy clients report a certain sense of elegance and spark that just feels French. They also emphasize Frank's ability to work in any situation, however unorthodox. When asked for direction on a room, one recent client simply handed Frank a ceramic cup that she liked and told her to go from there (the client was thrilled with the final result).

Frank founded her own business in 2008 and has been doing mostly residential work since then, with occasional commercial projects on the side. She runs the show herself, working on projects in New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Clients report that Frank is quite willing to be flexible on process: some hired her for a whole-home project, others for incremental, step-by-step work. Under normal circumstances, Frank charges on a square footage basis. However, she is also willing to consult on an hourly if need be. References agree that Frank is budget-savvy if the situation calls for it. Overall, they cite her creative spark and winning personality as key selling points, saying "I didn't want the project to end!" LEED Certified Green Consultant.

Representative Client Comments:
"We did my house room by room, and Lea worked amazingly well for that. It holds together perfectly." "I'm a creative person myself, and I wanted to be involved in the design. I was, but Lea found things I simply wouldn't have found." "I didn't always agree with my husband about what would look best. Lea stepped in and resolved the issue and the argument." "We weren't working on a tight budget, but even so I never felt like she was ramping up the hours." "Initially she came in with an idea that was more modern, but through talking with me, she realized it wasn't exactly what I wanted, and she adjusted." "I wanted to be her friend and take her shopping with me!" "She's got a great vibe."

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