Franklin Report Report Card for Big Apple Florist in New York City
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Big Apple Florist
228 E. 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
(212) 687-3434
Main Contact: Ashley Smith

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FR Review:
When it comes to everyday floral needs, Big Apple Florist may be your best bet. The Big Apple customers we spoke with raved about the freshness of their flowers and good overall value. Although Big Apple flies more under the radar than some of the ritzier flower shops, the fact that they have been in operation since 1946 is telling of the quality of their product and customer service. In fact, some of the customers we spoke with have used them exclusively for several years. A floral "Everyman," Big Apple's style is both classic and contemporary, and standard arrangements can be ordered directly from the company website. In-house designers are on-hand to create custom pieces as well, but if you are in the market for a "statement" piece, a more boutique (and likely more expensive) shop might be a better choice.

With a minimum order amount of $65, prices at Big Apple are on the more moderate end: a typical "Thank You" arrangement costs between $100 and $125, with centerpieces starting at $85. Same day delivery is available for both arrangements and centerpieces, and the company has a strict follow-up policy. Every single delivery is followed up with a call to ensure that the arrangement was as desired. If something is askance, Big Apple will promptly remedy the situation, even if it means sending over a new arrangement. Furthermore, Big Apple guarantees that its arrangements will stay fresh a minimum of four days--a guarantee that we have not seen made explicit by other florists in the city.

Representative Client Comments:
"I've ordered my weekly flowers from them for over four years." "They blow so many of the fancier flower shops right out of the water." "Their flowers last forever." "Spend $200 here and you will get an absolutely stunning arrangement." "I have received a few arrangements that included some flowers that I thought somewhat out of place, but they immediately sent over replacements."

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