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Peter Callahan Catering

New York, NY
(212) 327-1144
Main Contact: Peter Callahan

Services & Specialties
A pioneer in pint-sized food and highly regarded in special events catering

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FR Review:
If you find yourself at a catered event eating a delightfully diminutive cheeseburger, lobster roll or bite-sized salad, you have Peter Callahan to thank--even if he didn't do the catering. Peter first debuted his lilliputian take on classic foods in 1995 and his pint-sized creations have been widely imitated ever since. Peter and his crew don't merely take normal-sized food and make it small--they start small, baking bread in mini loaf pans and wielding grape tomatoes as salad "bowls." The result: traditional appetizers and desserts that suddenly become imaginative, "burst with flavor" and delight guests. Sit-down dinners incorporate normal-sized entrees, but which also play on the "classic with a twist" theme.

Peter's charming take on food has made him very popular for special events catering. He has fourteen full-time kitchen staff, a coordination and service staff that often reaches several hundred, and is able to take on events from "Maine to Los Angeles." His popularity and highly involved preparation methods make for prices that are borderline prohibitive but for the most special of occasions, however. The minimum food order is typically $6,000, cocktail parties start at $100 per head (without alcohol) and seated dinners start at $300 per head (also without alcohol). Peter also owns a separate glatt kosher catering company, called PCK Catering, that operates under the same aesthetic.

Representative Client Comments:
"Peter reaches a level of perfection that is not normal." "The food is so creative." "The food just bursts with flavor." "Peter's wait staff is impeccably trained." "Their work has never been anything less than perfect." "Very expensive, but worth every penny."

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