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Creative Edge Parties
110 Barrow Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 741-3000

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Your go-to cater when in search of something different

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FR Review:
In operation for over twenty years, Creative Edge Parties has steadily become New York City's go-to caterer for unique, entertaining and delectable events. From product launches to corporate parties to weddings, Creative Edge does it all, and past clients include Vanity Fair, Vogue, Harry Winston, Morgan Stanley and the New York Public Library. Owners Carla Ruben and Bob Spiegel (Head Chef) pride themselves not only on their culinary excellence but also their cunning in event management and attention to detail. The clients we spoke with confirm: "With one phone call I know that they will handle everything with style, sophistication and aplomb." Popular past dishes include parmesan pudding on a roasted-tomato cracker and seared breast of 20 spice magret duck.

With a full-time staff of 50 and a part-time serving staff of several hundred, Creative Edge can handle multiple events each day. And while the company specializes in larger events, it is also known to take on more private affairs, such as special birthdays and anniversaries. Management did not outline prices, but we hear that they are mid to high-end.

Representative Client Comments:
"Creative Edge is my go-to caterer." "As an event planner, the choice of caterer isn't always up to me due to the venue or budget, but if I could choose the caterer in every instance, I would always go with Creative Edge Parties." "Everything is always top notch, from the food to the service, and I find them competitive with other high-end caterers too." "They are, in my opinion, the best to work with." "Their food is excellent--as would be expected."

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