Franklin Report Report Card for Jeeves of New York in New York City
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Jeeves of New York
39 East 65th Street
New York, NY 10065
(212) 570-9130
Main Contact: Jerry Pozniak
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Services & Specialties
Dry cleaning for the jet set

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FR Review:
No stiff upper lip required here--Jeeves will expertly handle all of your couture and custom-clothing cleaning needs. Jeeves of New York caters to the deep-pocketed who shop primarily Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive, and whose hand-stitched pieces require the gentlest treatment. As such, Jeeves uses the liquid C02 method exclusively, which many consider gentler than traditional dry cleaning methods and non-toxic. Its high-end clientele demands quality and service that is "over the top": every Jeeves employee undergoes four weeks of training, including study of the designers that Jeeves clients shop most often, and full-time customer service representatives advise on any potential issues and rectify any possible problems.

Jeeves is a licensed brand and the only worldwide cleaning company. The first Jeeves was opened in 1969 in London's Belgravia neighborhood (Jeeves is by appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales) and went international in the 1970s. Dry cleaning veteran Jerry Pozniak (who also owns Cameo Cleaners) acquired the Jeeves New York location in 2007. Jerry has been in the dry cleaning business for over 25 years and will personally handle any garments that require his expertise, which recently included two Balenciaga gowns used in a retrospective at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Jerry and his team can clean just about anything and never shirk from difficult-to-clean items, such as beaded or antique gowns. Customers can drop clothes off at the Upper East Side location or have them picked up, free of charge. Every article goes through at least seven cleaning stages before final inspection, after which it is returned to the shop or delivered (naturally also free of charge).

The detailed cleaning process and the more expensive CO2 technique makes Jeeves one of NYC's priciest cleaners. Those wanting to dry clean their Prada dress shirts should expect to pay $28+ per shirt; $60+ for a suit. Articles that can't be cleaned with C02 (very vintage items, for instance) are cleaned by hand and in very minute detail (picture Q-Tips and magnifying glasses). Hand cleaning a suit takes a Jeeves worker between four and five hours and starts at $145. Jeeves is a good option for discerning gentlemen (and women) who are willing to pay the price to maintain their designer duds.

Representative Client Comments:
"Exemplary customer service." "The people at Jeeves are very good at taking, and following, instructions." "Just as good as Madame Paulette but with better customer service." "If there's ever been an issue, they've been really great at making it right." "I recommend them to my own clients all the time."

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