Franklin Report Report Card for Madame Paulette in New York City
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Madame Paulette
1255 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10065
(347) 689-7010
Main Contact: John Mahdessian
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Services & Specialties
Unrivaled couture garment care for clients who demand the best

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FR Review:
Madame Paulette is the crème de la crème in upscale garment care and generally considered the authority in handling valued custom couture, heirloom pieces, and expensive interior textiles. This Upper East Side perennial has also been known to rescue garments thought permanently damaged by smoke, water or even at the hands of less-skilled cleaners. With a client roster that reads like a "Who's Who" in fashion, bridal and entertainment (Hermès, Bergdorf Goodman, Vera Wang, Anna Wintour, Sting, Barbara Walters, etc) we are not surprised to hear that attitudes can "run high" among some of the staff.

Madame Paulette's reputation for stellar quality has been built over three generations. Armenian immigrant Noubar Mahdessian took the company over from his uncle in the 1950's, from whom he learned the trade. Together with his wife, Anna, he grew the company and developed a loyal following. When son John took over the reins nearly 30 years ago, he set about expanding Madame Paulette's services and techniques, morphing it into the powerhouse it is today.

Prices are over the top. The starting price to clean a men's dress shirt is $11.50; $50 for a dress suit. Cocktail dress cleaning starts at $125 and cleaning a wedding dress or other formal gown generally costs several hundred dollars. When it comes to cleaning your most cherished or one-of-a-kind pieces, Madame Paulette is as good as it gets. For everything else, you and your pocket book are better off at your regular cleaner or tailor.

Representative Client Comments:
"Simply the world's finest custom couture cleaner." "I send them things that I think my other cleaner can't handle--and expect to pay double for it." "Madame Paulette's is the only place I'd trust to care for my gowns." "Beware of what you wear when you drop your special items off! If they smell couture about you, you will invariably be charged more than if you wandered in in jeans and T-shirt."

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Posted 11/30/2010
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E. Sechrest New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Works miracles--even in seemingly hopeless cases.
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Project Description & Comments:
My favorite Chanel dress--a printed silk number--got caught in the rain at the Hampton Designer Showhouse last year. The colors were running into each other and it looked like a complete disaster. I sent it to Madame Paulette's to see what could be done, but honestly never really expected that I'd be able to wear it again. To my utter amazement, it came back saved--as if nothing had happened.
        Cost of Project: $0 - 300
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