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Regency Chauffeurs Inc.
P.O. Box 7775
New York, NY 10150
(718) 601-6200
Main Contact: Tom Oliveri ,Regina
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FR Review:
Regency Chauffeurs understands the subtle differences between being a driver and being a chauffeur. Exhibiting high flexibility, the company is a godsend to those in need of backup chauffeuring services--especially for parents of boarding school kids. For a very reasonable fee, Regency will return your child to his or her school (or college) in your own car, driven by someone you can rely on. And while the bulk of Regency's business comes from corporate clients in Manhattan, the way the company handles these out-of-town requests so accommodatingly is what sets it apart. The friendly staff will strive to meet your needs and Regina, who handles much of the coordinating, has been called "the nicest woman in the service industry."

Owner Tom Oliveri has been in the chauffeur business for over 40 years and personally screens all of his drivers. Applicants that successfully pass a third-party background check then spend a week or so driving Tom around town, as he teaches them the ins-and-outs of chauffeuring, especially in how to deal with traffic and having passengers in the backseat. Those who pass muster are hired and Tom typically employs between eight and ten drivers at any time.

Prices are very reasonable, with a flat fee of $19/hr (gratuity included) charged regardless of where a client is being driven to. For those who do not own a car, Regency can still provide chauffeur services so long as the chauffeur is listed as the second driver in a car rental agreement arranged by the client. With no website and little done by way of advertising, Regency isn't interested in being everything to everyone. For those interested in establishing a more long-lasting alliance with a reputable chauffeur service, however, Regency is surely a great choice.

Representative Client Comments:
"Highly reasonable and accommodating." "Having my daughter driven back to Dartmouth after a visit home costs $170 (plus ~$100 in gas money)--an absolute steal when considering the price of airline tickets."

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