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Pieter Estersohn

New York, NY
Main Contact: Pieter Estersohn
Architectural Photographers

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A favorite of designers, editors and advertisers alike

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FR Review:
Pieter Estersohn is an architectural photographer of choice among designers, editors and advertisers, known for his amazing sense of composition and profound range. Whether shooting a stark, open space or one chock-full of furniture and antiques, clients say that Estersohn successfully hones in on what "makes" the space without sacrificing balance. The majority of Estersohn's current business comes from editorial and advertising work, though he still does a fair amount of private commissions, including photos for the design books recently published by Victoria Hagan and Suzanne Rheinstein.

Estersohn first became enchanted by interiors over twenty years ago, while working as a fashion photographer in Europe. He began picking beautiful locations in which to photograph the models, rooms by Rulhmann or Le Corbusier, and would capture the interiors while the girls were getting ready. Estersohn's growing collection of interior shots got him noticed in the shelter magazine circuit and he has been a highly sought out architectural photographer since.

The high demand for Estersohn's time allows him to charge amply for it, and his rates are among the highest. His daily fee for private commission work starts at ~$3,000, going much higher for advertising shoots. The clients we spoke with say that Estersohn is "worth every penny" and "at the top of his game." A glowing reputation both professionally and personally, Estersohn is a good choice for spaces demanding masterful rendering and when cost is not a leading concern.

Representative Client Comments:
"If the choice of photographer is up to me, I always pick Pieter." "Pieter not only has an amazing sense of light and composition but a great historical reference as well." "Pieter has an amazing eye for detail and is able to capture what a magazine editor wants." "Pieter is one of the few photographers I'd feel comfortable leaving unsupervised at a shoot, should I be called away for whatever reason." "Pieter is able to charge what he charges because he is simply that well established." "I could not be more positive on Pieter."

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