Franklin Report Report Card for Billy Cunningham Photography in New York City
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Billy Cunningham Photography
140 Seventh Avenue
Suite 4C
New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-6313
Main Contact: Billy Cunningham
Architectural Photographers

Services & Specialties
Long-time pro known for his clean architectural imagery

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FR Review:
Billy Cunningham is a residential and commercial photographer known for producing crisp, clean shots. Cunningham's recent shoots include an opulent Miami mansion designed by Marjorie Shushan and a chic suite at NYC's St. Regis Hotel designed by Susan Lovell. After spending 25 years on the masthead of Architectural Digest, his current clientele consists mainly of interior designers, who appreciate how Cunningham successfully melds his opinions on set-up with the designer's own intended look for a shot. He is, as one designer put it, "highly accommodating."

Cunningham shoots exclusively digital, owns all of his own equipment and hires assistants part-time for certain shoots. Though he will is willing to travel abroad, he is better established within the continental U.S. Cunningham typically requires a pre-shoot walk-through, so that a client's desired effect is well articulated and outlined. Cunningham's starting daily fee of ~$2,500 (including assistant and some post-production work) is very reasonable given his expertise and a bargain in comparison to some of his peers.

Overall, Cunningham has a solid reputation in terms of quality, versatility and professionalism. "Billy," says one repeat client, "is one of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with in my 25 years of documenting our interior design work. He can see the result of an image long before it is set up and has a keen eye to the details of any shoot."

Representative Client Comments:
"The gift of sight that Billy has is one that takes in the full image and how to plan it, and then the myriad of details required to make it a convincing photograph." "He always takes the time to get the lighting and lens selection just right." "I really trust Billy's view of any style--he has certainly documented it all for us!" "I'll use Billy for just about anything in the U.S., but I prefer using someone local for international shoots." "Billy has his own ideas, but is incredibly accommodating and easy to work with." "Fairly priced." "Clean images." "Great city photographer."

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