Franklin Report Report Card for Peter Margonelli Photography in New York City
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Peter Margonelli Photography
443 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016
(212) 941-0380
Main Contact: Peter Margonelli
Architectural Photographers

Services & Specialties
Known for taking natural, "happened upon" interior shots

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FR Review:
Peter Margonelli engineers his shots to exploit natural daylight, shunning what he terms "overly-determined light." The soft, somewhat dusky effect Margonelli achieves makes the rooms he photographs seem "happened upon" or, as one client put it, "as if they are telling a story." His client base consists largely of residential interior designers in and around New York, including Eve Robinson Associates and Matthew Smyth. Margonelli has strong stylistic opinions, especially when it comes to lighting, but clients say that he is "a true collaborator," and fun to work with.

Margonelli's career took a few twists and turns before leading him to architectural photography. He studied experimental film making and became involved in landscape photography while shooting a documentary in India. From landscape, his focus eventually shifted indoors, and he has been photographing interiors for over 25 years. Margonelli typically takes on 75 to 100 projects a year and can handle as much of the styling aspect as the client desires.

Price wise, Margonelli is middle of the road. His daily fee is ~$2,900, which includes retouching and an assistant. The clients we spoke with consider his prices very fair for the quality of work delivered, though one wished that his support staff had the same attention to detail as Margonelli himself. Margonelli is a good interior photographer for those who like a natural look and appreciate a collaborative, congenial personality.

Representative Client Comments:
"Peter is very savvy on what magazines are looking for these days." "I recommend him all the time." "I'm a fan of his use of natural light." "What I love about Peter is that, while he has his own great ideas--particularly regarding lighting--I always feel like it's a collaborative process."

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