Franklin Report Report Card for Dresszing in New York City
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411 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10024
(212) 877-4963
Main Contact: Susan Sommers
Wardrobe Consultants

Services & Specialties
A specialist in jump-starting wardrobes and transitioning into new life stages

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FR Review:
Dresszing owner Susan Sommers is concerned with helping her clients look and play the part. Whether publisher, young mother or retired philanthropist, Sommers coaxes out the client's true style and blends it with the realities of their everyday life, creating a brand that the client can then promote. One of Sommers' specialties is helping clients shop their own closets, creating several "new" outfits based on items already there. She sifts through the filler and demonstrates just how much can be achieved through proper pairing and accessorizing. Sommers then helps clients find pieces that are lacking and assembles a photo montage of suggested outfits for future reference. Her clientele is predominantly female and includes more than a few who are embarking on new life stages or careers. Clients appreciate how Sommers peppers in useful advice on everything from choosing proper eye wear to what to pack when vacationing in Switzerland.

Sommers' experience includes over twenty years as a fashion and beauty editor, writer and stylist for a variety of publications, including Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. During this time, she conducted countless makeovers and honed her critical eye so that she can "look at anyone and know his or her best colors, silhouettes and proportions." She is also the author of two international style guides--one on France and one on Italy--both inspired by her travels and extended stays there. In helping clients play the part, Susan completed etiquette training at the Protocol School of Washington and can consult clients on properly presenting themselves in a multitude of work environments and social situations.

Sommers charges between $200 and $250 an hour, placing her at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Nevertheless, Sommers selects department stores and designers in accordance with a client's budget and the clients we spoke with feel that Sommers' skill more than justifies her fee. "Susan's services have been of enormous help to me," said one client, "and a valuable investment in myself." With her wide range, international flare and image training, Sommers is ideal for women looking to jump-start their wardrobes and overall look without losing sight of themselves. As one client aptly put it: "What I like about Susan is that even though she's guiding you, she still reaffirms your own sense of taste along the way, so you don't end up feeling like a clueless robot."

Representative Client Comments:
"After a session with her, I don't need to buy anything or think about what to wear until next season." "Besides special occasions, Susan has also helped me dress properly for international travel." "Susan navigates me through J.Crew just as well as Bergdorfs." "Her prices are dear, but she has helped me avoid much more expensive purchasing mistakes. She also makes herself available between sessions to answer quick questions via phone or email." "Susan and I have grown to be very friendly and we'll even meet for coffee, but I appreciate that she's right on track as soon as the meter starts running." "Her forte seems to be much more in dressing women than men." "Be sure to ask her for great great hair, makeup and accessory advice too!"

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