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Ways & Means
36 West 89th Street, 4A
New York, NY 10024
(212) 877-1417
Main Contact: Susan Dresner
Wardrobe Consultants

Services & Specialties
A trusted source for assembling a unique, well-tailored wardrobe

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FR Review:
Clients laud Ways & Means owner Susan Dresner as an expert in fit, fabric and function. Dresner understands clothing and is frank with clients about what looks good on them and what doesn't--and why. She helps clients find clothes that not only fit properly, but coordinate easily and complement the look they are going for. The majority of Dresner's clients are female professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who either hate to shop or don't have the time or style to do it alone. For them, Dresner is a "blessing" and "trusted ally," whose passion for her work is palpable.

Dresner offers all of the services one would expect from a wardrobe consultant--including style analysis, closet culling and assisted shopping--but what sets her apart are her trunk shows. She offers member clients private viewings between four and six times a year, each showcasing a handful of quality, lesser-known designers in varied price ranges, including casual and weekend wear. Dresner keeps extensive records of what clients own and have purchased throughout the years so that they are able to add pieces currently lacking from their wardrobes, which they receive custom tailored approximately four to six weeks later. "When you work with Susan," says one client, "you won't see yourself coming and going on the street--her trunk shows expose you to such unique and customizable options." Dresner will also accompany clients shopping for specific occasions or designers, and we hear that her knowledge of NYC's best boutiques is unparalleled.

Dresner has been a wardrobe consultant for over 30 years and first became interested in fashion while working a corporate job, during which she noticed that many women were unsure of how to dress in a corporate setting. She explored this topic in depth while completing her MBA at NYU, deciding that wardrobe consulting was her true calling. Dresner's services are reasonably priced, with several clients estimating that they save money in the end because they make better value decisions under Dresner's guidance. A yearly membership fee of $415 includes an initial style analysis and closet weeding, followed by private trunk show viewings with Dresner and the opportunity to coordinate and consult with her throughout the year as needs or questions arise. Any accompanied retail shopping thereafter is $150 per hour for members and $165 per hour for non members (4 hour minimum).

The clients we spoke with could not be more positive on Dresner and her expertise, though one wishes she were reachable via smartphone. The flips side to this, of course, is that clients have her undivided attention when they are together. Dresner's vast expertise and range make her a great option for anyone in need of a tailored wardrobe, particularly working professionals concerned with projecting the right image.

Representative Client Comments:
"I hate to shop but love to look good--Susan offers such a great combination of services for someone such as myself." "Susan is always on the lookout for new designers and boutiques that you will rarely see anywhere else." "Susan can do trendy, but she's just absolutely phenomenal at helping her clients achieve a classic, timeless look with a closet full of quality pieces." "Susan understands clothing construction, fabrics and body types." "Shopping with Susan is like shopping with your best friend--only better." "After 20 years as a client of Susan's, I've rarely found that I don't already have something in my closet for a given occasion." "Susan knows New York City like the back of her hand." "My only wish would be that she had a BlackBerry so that it would be easier to get a hold of her on short notice." "One of the things I really appreciate about Susan is her aversion to overdoing it. I often want to buy a garment I love in every color and she helps determine what I actually need and will actually wear."

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