Franklin Report Report Card for AB Wardrobe Works in New York City
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AB Wardrobe Works
420 East 23rd Street
Suite 9E
New York, NY 10010
(212) 505-7720
Main Contact: Annie Brumbaugh
Wardrobe Consultants

Services & Specialties
High-end seasonal wardrobe guidance

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FR Review:
People hire Annie Brumbaugh when in need of wardrobe guidance on an ongoing basis. The majority of her clients are women (~80%) aged between 30 and 60, who are seeking a look that's classic and well-edited but with a slight edge. More often than not, they are working professionals who can allot decent funds to editing and improving their wardrobes each season (or every other). The clients we spoke with describe Brumbaugh's recommendations as "spot on" and appreciate her vested interest in their stylistic success.

Brumbaugh founded AB Wardrobe Works in 1985. The stiff "dress for success" mentality was in full bloom at the time, but Brumbaugh encouraged her clients to foster their own personal style instead, and she continues to do so today. Her process begins with an initial consultation in the client's home. She investigates the client's closet and gets to the bottom of where the client has been, clothing wise, and where they would like to go. She then does her research, pinpointing brands and styles that will hit the right note in the client's daily environment, especially for work. Assisted shopping is typically carried out at Saks or Barneys, where Brumbaugh works with the sales associates to pull everything ahead of time. Once decisions are reached, items are tailored and followups are made on any remaining items necessary to complete that season's look.

Because Brumbaugh works by the season, she charges package rates instead of by the hour. Her initial consultation at the client's home is $1,500 and her seasonal package price starts at $2,500, which includes all researching, pulling, assisted shopping and followups. Though her rates are indeed a luxury expense, the clients we spoke with appreciate being able to solicit Brumbaugh's help and advice during the season without incurring additional hourly fees. The ongoing nature of Brumbaugh's services aren't likely to appeal to someone needing just a half day of style tweaking, but she's a good fit for those seeking a highly-established partner to manage their wardrobe and image--and can afford it.

Representative Client Comments:
"She really understands body types." "I've used Annie's services over several seasons now--my husband has sought her help too." "Annie has always been available to help me out between our sessions, either over email or in person. I like how it's considered part of the package." "Annie has also helped me find properly-fitting undergarments--what a difference that makes in how things fit!" "Her clientele is more of a mature, professional crowd with money to spend." "I would absolutely recommend her to people I thought could afford her." "You can tell that she wants her clients to be a success."

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