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Acupuncture For Athletes
122 West 20th Street, 1E
New York, NY 10011
(917) 881-8096
Main Contact: Colleen Canyon

Services & Specialties
Acupuncture for athletic injury and severe pain

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FR Review:
Owner Colleen Canyon is a very verbal person, but when it comes to diagnosing her clients' conditions, she lets her fingers do the talking. Canyon's preferred method of diagnosis is palpation--an examination conducted through touch and a cornerstone of Meridian-style acupuncture. Unlike other traditions, which are focused on Chinese herbology and internal issues, Meridian-style acupuncture is focused on loosening constrictions along the body's pathways. Canyon employs the Meridian style in treating primarily athletic injuries and acute or chronic pains in the back, neck and joints. According clients, Canyon is extremely professional, gentle and "has a gift when it comes to treating pain at the source."

Canyon first experienced the healing power of acupuncture in 1995, when she was amazed to discover that it treated her chronic fatigue after more conventional treatments failed. At the time, she was professionally pursuing massage therapy and decided to switch track to acupuncture. She became a licensed acupuncturist in 2000 and subsequently opened her own private practice. Clients swear by her technique, which she adjuncts with specialized treatments when necessary. Specialized treatments include cupping, which is the suctioning of skin using heated glass cups and moxa, a stimulation of acupuncture points using heat.

Hour long sessions are reasonably priced at $110 and reduced to $90 when bought in packages of four. Most conditions require several sessions to treat, but Canyon finds that patients typically notice considerable improvement after the first or second session. Those seeking acupuncture as a means of de-stressing or treating depression may want to consider other methods, but for those suffering from injury or severe pain, we hear that Canyon is a spot on.

Representative Client Comments:
"To say that my life has changed since discovering acupuncture with Colleen would be an understatement." "Colleen's type of acupuncture is different--it goes deeper, manipulating the pain area until you get a spasm of relief." "I truly think that Colleen has a gift in treating muscle pain." "I tried a number of physical therapists and acupuncturists to treat my chronic back pain and nothing even came close to the results I've seen using Colleen." "She's so gentle, so professional--you never feel rushed during her sessions or like a number." "Colleen looks beyond the actual site of the injury, focusing instead on the source."

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Posted 1/21/2011
Reviewed By:
SusanDresner Verified Review
Susan Dresner New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Great acupuncturist
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Project Description & Comments:
Colleen offers several services besides just needles--I swear by her.
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