Franklin Report Report Card for Silhouettes and Profiles in New York City
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Silhouettes and Profiles
160 West 71st Street, Suite 2JK
New York, NY 10023
(212) 877-3372
Main Contact: Irene Tcherniakhovsky

Services & Specialties
Highly personable alteration and restoration on the Upper West Side

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FR Review:
Irene Tcherniakhovsky of Silhouettes and Profiles is the just the kind of tailor most of us are on the lookout for: highly detailed, diligent and creative, with reasonable prices to boot. Clients say that Tcherniakhovsky and her pleasant staff take a noticeable pride in the work they do and that the shop, though not exactly cushy with its workshop aesthetic, is a truly enjoyable place in which to spend part of an afternoon. The majority of their work is alteration and they see more than their fair share of wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but they do everything, from replacing the lining in a cashmere coat to lowering a dress' neckline, and their restoration work is also top notch. A growing part of their business is custom clothing design, which is based on the designs of Tcherniakhovsky and her coworker, Anna Drugovahada. Some of the in-house designs border on costumey, but many are stunning, particularly those incorporating vintage fabrics and lace, which Tcherniakhovsky is constantly collecting.

Many are surprised to hear that Tcherniakhovsky's background is in architecture. She studied architecture in Ukraine before moving to Moscow with her husband, where the lack of a special permit kept her from practicing professionally. Luckily, Tcherniakhovsky was skilled in dressmaking and found alteration and restoration work among Moscow's theater and movie star elite--even Khrushchev's daughter, who was a friend. Tcherniakhovsky and her husband eventually immigrated to New York and she took over Silhouettes and Profiles in 2000, expanding services to include restoration, much of which she still does herself. A high-caliber support staff of five toils alongside her.

Prices are considered extremely reasonable and commensurate with the labor required. New pant zippers start at $22, wedding dress hems at $65 and new coat linings at $120. Their customized clothing line is also good value, from $190 for a white organza top to $500 for an empire waist cocktail dress in black lace. Silhouettes and Profiles is on the radar of New York's savvier shoppers and dressers, and is certain to please those looking for a tailor that "never slips in quality or consistency," charges fairly and will remember your name.

Representative Client Comments:
"Irene has an amazing eye and takes an obvious pride in her work." "The shop itself isn't ritzy but I love being there." "Irene really appreciates the integrity of the pieces I bring in, most of which are vintage." "She's incredibly creative when it comes to solutions, such as lengthening a torso." "There's never a honeymoon period with their work--the quality has been consistently of the highest caliber for the past several years." "Their greatest strength is in dress making." "I brought in a vintage silk Christian Dior number that was a complete mess and Irene completely reconstructed it." "Their prices are extremely reasonable." "I send just about everything to Silhouettes and Profiles, but if I needed a pair of jeans hemmed, I'd probably just send them to the dry cleaner around the corner." "They also do splendid alterations for men's items."

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Posted 2/9/2011
Reviewed By:
SusanDresner Verified Review
Susan Dresner New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
A great Russian atelier that really understands women's bodies.
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Project Description & Comments:
I am a big fan of the work done by Irene and her staff in both alteration and restoration. They once removed a moth hole in a Chanel knit sweater for just $25!
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