Franklin Report Report Card for Kima Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness in New York City
★ Franklin Report Card
Kima Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness
7 West 22nd Street, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10010
(212) 686-3101
Main Contact: Tracey Vincel
Physical Therapists

Services & Specialties
Combining manual therapy with innovative wellness programming

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FR Review:
Kima Center for Physiotherapy and Wellness is a personal, hands-on practice focused on treating the cause of pain at its source--not merely treating the symptoms. The mantra here is on manual therapy--diagnosing and healing through touch, which is supplemented by any necessary strength-building treatments, such as yoga, Pilates or Feldenkrais. Kima treats a wide array of conditions, but the majority of their patients are experiencing spine, lumbar, hip or pelvic pain. The clients we spoke with call the Kima experience nothing short of transformational. "Unlike every other PT I went to before Kima," said one client, "I was actually asked what my goals were. I was given hope that my goals could be reached, and they were."

Co-founded by Tracey Vincel and Patricia Ladis in 2006, both Vincel and Ladis offer over ten years of clinical experience in outpatient private practice in New York City and their well-rounded staff consists of eight physical therapists. Each patient is assigned a Kima specialist in accordance with his or her specific conditions, but the team collaborates to provide the best overall care, clients noting a "real consistency in their treatment style." Kima coordinates with clients' insurance providers for out-of-network benefits so that the client doesn't have to; the cost for those without applicable insurance benefits is $150 per session. In the fall of 2010, Kima moved to an 8,000 sq. ft. space described as "airy and cheerful."

Representative Client Comments:
"I'd recommend them to anybody. In fact, if I had a child, I'd absolutely feel comfortable sending them to Kima for treatment." "Now do I not only walk again, I glide." "My back pain has improved considerably since I started going to Kima a few months ago, whereas other treatments failed." "Tracey has such a positive attitude--she was like my own personal cheerleader." "Everyone I've come across on staff is so professional, so visibly into physical therapy and healing." "Even though my treatment is over, they are going to stay in touch with my new pilates instructor--that's truly above and beyond." "The only area I think they could improve in is in the availability of their Pilates offerings." "Tracey is in high demand, so it can be difficult to get an appointment specifically with her." "Kima gave me my life back."

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Posted 1/28/2011
Reviewed By:
SusanDresner Verified Review
Susan Dresner New York ,NY

Bottom Line:
Great full-service PT
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Project Description & Comments:
Beyond great physical therapy, the also offer massage, pilates, gyrotechnics, etc. Their new space in Flatiron is very serene.
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