Franklin Report Report Card for Body Wellness Works in New York City
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Body Wellness Works
80 East 11th Street #610
New York, NY 10003
(212) 253-7201
Main Contact: Donald Mouton
Yoga Studios

Services & Specialties
Yoga, massage and cranial bodywork

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FR Review:
Donald Mouton of Body Wellness Works is hailed for his intuitive skill and magical touch in bodywork, one client likening him to a "physical shrink." Mouton offers a unique blend of yoga, massage therapy and cranial work (gentle working of the spine and skull), helping clients to alleviate headaches, lower back pain, knee pain and chronic pains unresponsive to other treatments. His clients tend to stick around even after experiencing pain relief, continuing to incorporate his services as part of a preventative, holistic regimen. However, he certainly has clients who come solely for his deep tissue massage or to partake in group yoga classes. His clients are floored by his deep knowledge of human anatomy and like that he's not too new agey, in spite of the spiritual elements of his craft. Those on the lookout for transformative care will do well by Mouton, who is described as the perfect blend of "professionalism, strength and a sense of humor."

The gift of touch seems to run in Mouton's family. His grandfather was a traiteur--a Cajun faith healer--which involves the laying on of hands. Mouton cultivated his understanding of the human body in his career as a dancer, which included 20 years as a founding member of Mark Morris Dance Group. Even before he had any formal training, fellow dancers would go to him with their aches and pains. Mouton eventually became a licensed massage therapist, a craniosacral therapist and a nationally registered yoga teacher, and has operated his own bodyworks studio since 1995. His office space is "warm" but does not have a spa aesthetic, so those looking for zen-like pampering should look elsewhere. Bodywork prices are reasonable, at $120 per hour, while the group yoga classes are a particularly good value at $100 for a pack of six. Group sessions are limited to six participants, due to quality control but also as a result of facility size constraints.

Representative Client Comments:
"Donald works the mind and body." "As a former dancer, he just gets anatomy." "Donald was recommended to me several years ago and I've recommended him to so many others since." "His approach is so holistic--if I go in feeling a bit under the weather, I always leave feeling better." "Donald has such an amazing presence--I always feel safe with him." "I can't afford his bodywork sessions as often as I'd like but I find them to be a good value when I do." "His bodywork is transformative and deep, and there's a spiritual element to his yoga." "He does a good job of accommodating different ages and skill levels in his group yoga classes." "The aesthetics of his office could be improved, but it's orderly and warm in spite of being small."

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